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At San Diego Relationship Counseling, Dr. Barbara Cunningham offers affordable rates and evening hours to busy professionals who are looking to address their impairment from a  systems perspective. Dr. Cunningham is the author of a chapter in an academic textbook edited by Gary W. Lawson and Ann w. Lawson entitled ALCOHOLISM AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE IN DIVERSE POPULATIONS. The chapter is entitled “A Family Systems Treatment for the Impaired Physician.” Physicians and other people in the helping professions seem to have a high risk of using coping skills that encourage escapism rather than skills that develop the capacity to “bend in” to problems, especially problems interfering with their most important relationships. The books listed below are resources for those people looking to understand the dynamics behind such escapist solutions to the exigencies of life.

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To learn more about Dr.  Barbara Cunningham‘s treatment model, visit her website at http://www.Cunninghamtherapy.com or call 619 9906203 for a complimentary phone consultation.

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