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At Affordable Relationship Counseling in San Diego, clients often come to appreciate that fulfilling relationships are the basis for joy and satisfaction in life. When we live in them in an emotionally mature way, relationships can offer each of us the opportunity to grow and mature. After all, we are always “becoming.” Unresolved issues from one context or from another relationship, including our earliest relationships with parents and siblings, frequently fuel fires in another, new relationship. When anxiety and tension flood our relationship dynamic, it can make us feel unsafe, lost, and disconnected. In my practice, I have worked with hundreds of couples and individuals, including lesbian couples and gay couples. What I have learned is that we are all more alike than we are different. When we feel a threat to our well being, whether it is a real threat or an imagined threat, we may either go into “flight or fight” mode. Good therapy can help us make less reactive and more reflective choices in the face of relational threat. We do not have to fight and we do not have to flee. We can remain present and accounted for and hold on to who we are in the relationship while still remaining connected to that important other. Oftentimes, we confuse “closeness” with” sameness,” and in that confusion can lie the seeds that create either incorporation anxiety or abandonment anxiety.Please call me for a complimentary phone consultation at 619 9906203 and get some free tips just for stopping by my web site at http://www.Cunninghamtherapy.com

To create a more secure bond is the goal of good couples therapy. I am located in the heart of San Diego and welcome a beginning conversation about getting you started on a therapy journey.

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