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I woke up one day in April, 2017 to an unwelcome surprise. A grave set of medical eyes looked at me in a private hospital room to tell me they were almost certain I had the big C. The journey has been grueling and is never over; yet even in existential crises, there are silver linings. Be present. Enjoy each moment. Be a role model for bravery and resilience. Look for opportunities to laugh. Change your dietary lifestyle. Move! Nurture your friendships. Be aware that we ALL are here on a temporary lease, so ENJOY! Take one day at a time. Distraction is a wonderful defense. Stay off the message boards! Appreciate your loved ones every chance you get. Seek therapy to deal with breast cancer, if the turbulence is too rough. Feel free to call me, a seasoned traveler, at cunninghamtherapy.com. Yes you can have a complimentary consultation if you call Dr. Barbara Cunningham,at 619 9906203. Every challenge hides opportunities. Let us begin the search!

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