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Edwin Friedman compared cancer cells to immature family systems in his book entitled A FAILURE OF NERVE: LEADERSHIP IN THE AGE OF THE QUICK FIX. The comparison resonated with me. Undifferentiated cells are less mature than differentiated ones, just as undifferentiated, multigenerational family systems may reflect immaturity and undifferentiation. Both immature cancer cells and immature individuals within an emotional family system may lack the capacity to self regulate. Relationship disturbances among cells or among individuals are related to inflammatory outcomes. Chaos and aggressive behavior can take over, both in undifferentiated cells and in immature, reactive people. The comparisons are myriad and may be explored in Friedman’s intriguing book. Dr. Barbara Cunningham, licensed marriage and family therapist, invites new and continuing cancer patients who wish to process complicated and confusing emotions to call her at 619 9906203 for a complimentary consultation. Stop by her website for some free tips at www.Cunninghamtherapy.com

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