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Affordable Marriage Counseling San Diego

Dr. Barbara Cunningham, licensed marriage and family therapist, urges couples to seek marriage counseling sooner rather than later. Here are three reasons why:

1.: Research suggests that couples do better when they do not “stonewall” or turn away from one another when upset about an issue. Counseling provides a safe “holding” environment to discuss and process the “tough” stuff in a way to move your relationship forward instead of getting stuck in the mire.

2. Marriage is worthy of your best effort. It is not “automatic” to succeed at marriage. If it were, there would not be such a high divorce rate. Get professional help to give your partnership the best odds of success.

3. Marriage involves going from independence to interdependence. This may require a bit of coaching during the first year.

Barbara is happy to answer any questions you may have by phone to see if it makes sense to book an initial appointment. Call her at 619 9906203 or visit her website at http://www.cunninghamtherapy.com for more information


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