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While most of us agree that the individual is responsible for his or her own responses, it is also true that couples co-create each other.  We are always in reaction to one another. Even after people leave or die, any unfinished business in an important past relationship can play out “as if” in a new relationship. This means that it is important to process what we have learned about ourselves in each relationship that ended. It is also important to focus on our part in triggering reactivity in our mate rather than focusing on what our mate is doing to make us uncomfortable. When you buy into the notion that a relationship is a dance and that if either partner just changes a step or two, the entire dance can change, you have just given yourself hope in your own power to create change between the two of you. To learn more about this systems model of practice, call me at 619 9906203 for a complimentary phone consultation. You can also visit my web site at http:/www.Cunninghamtherapy.com and pick up some free tips just for stopping.

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